International Forum for U.S. Studies


Piazza della Repubblica

Piazza della Repubblica, Rome

Rome 2011
One of the most dramatic popular culture associations of the United States in Rome is the McDonald's restaurants. Here in the posted "mini-ethnographies" supplied by graduate students in the American Studies program at La Sapienza, are analyses of how these restaurants are currently used. The mini-ethnographies are a result of a short-term seminar titled "American Cultures Beyond Literature" offered at La Sapienza by Jane Desmond in November, 2011 as part of the IFUSS/ La Sapienza exchange agreement. Students observed populations and behaviors in Roman McDonald's restaurants to begin to think about everyday life as a set of cultural practices open to investigation as a way of complementing literary studies of the United States. We thank these students for sharing their first forays into ethnography as a mode of learning!

"Mini Ethnography of McDonalds" Samples
Emanuele Fondi
Saliola Dina Ester
Asena Akin
Valeria Baiamonte