International Forum for U.S. Studies

Current and Recent Fellows


Spring 2015

Okyeon Yi, Ph.D. (Seoul National University)

Sangjun Jeong, Ph.D. (Seoul National University)

Massimo Rubboli, Ph.D. (University of Genoa)

Rama Alapati, Ph.D. (Andhra University)

Pilar Benedi (University of Rome)

Marco Petrelli (University of Rome)

Jinkui Huang (Peking University)


Fall 2014

Krystof Kozak, Ph.D. (Charles University)

Gyorgy Toth, Ph.D. (University of Stirling)

Marek Wojtaszek, Ph.D. (University of Lodz)

Stefano Bosco (University of Verona)

Judith Ramos (University of Sinaloa)

Evelia Izabel (University of Sinaloa)


Summer 2014

Dr. Isar Godreau obtained her Ph. D in cultural anthropology from the University of California Santa Cruz (1999).  Currently, she is the Director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Puerto Rico at Cayey where she directs various research initiatives (institution-wide level initiatives and her own research projects).  Her research and publications explore issues of “race”, racism and  identity in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. She has published on hair, racial terminology, the folklorization of blackness, census racial categories in Puerto Rico and racism in the public education setting.

Academic interests include : race and racism, nationalism in the Caribbean, applied anthropology, anti-racist pedagogy, race and the census.