International Forum for U.S. Studies

Note from the Director

IFUSS Director and Co-Founder Jane Desmond and IFUSS Consulting Director and Co-Founder Virginia Dominguez with guest lecturer Ricardo Salvatore (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires).

Jane Desmond and Virginia Domingez founded IFUSS in 1995. Desmond is also past President of the International American Studies Association. Dominguez is also past President for the American Anthropological Association.

Find us on the 3rd floor in the Armory Building, near the Main Library. Please stop by and see us at 340 Armory (Northwest corner), 505 E. Armory, Champaign 61820


IFUSS Graduate Fellow Judith Ramos from Sinaloa, Mexico, and IFUSS Consulting director Virginia Dominguez explore one of the parks in Champaign, Illinois, and its seasonal "mini-zoo!" (2014)





                             *****NEW PUBLICATIONS*****

America Observed: On an International Anthropology of the United States

Global Studies of the United States Series

Global Perspectives on the U.S: Pro-Americanism, Anti-Americanism and the Discourses Betweem

                                 *****NEW REVIEWS*****

Anthropology News Review: America Observed

CHOICE Review: Global Perspectives on the United States 

    ATTENTION: The 'Other' Border Symposium, March 8-10



 Resident Fellows / Research Project Descriptions


University of Illinois Statement on President Trump's Executive Order on immigration


Giorgio Mariani: Waging War on War Review: ALH

Giorgio Mariani: Waging War on War Review: Op Cit 

Virginia R. Dominguez & Emily Metzner

Interview with Prof. Hyang Jin Jung, Chair, Dept. of Anthropology, Seoul National University

Gyorgy Toth: Beyond Cowboys and Indians: Will the Sacred Stones Camp Turn Into Wounded Knee, 1973?


Greg Cuthbertson & Chris Saunders

The Unitied States--South Africa--Germany: Reflections on a Triangular Transnational Relationship

Current Initiatives

IFUSS Writing Workshops (beginning in Fall 2013)

In Fall 2013, IFUSS initiated a series of WRITING WORKSHOPS, held weekly throughout most of the academic year, in which two colleagues shared work-in-progress.  For more information, please visit Current Events


Double issue of Comparative American Studies (#1 and 2, 2014).

"America" in India: Essays on the Impact of the United States and the Concept of "America" on the Indian Cultures and Practices now available as Comparative American Studies Special Issue (Volume 12 Issues 1-2) at

IFUSS Book Series

"Global Studies of the United States" (U of Illinois Press). For more information, please visit Book Series or for direct link to U of Illinois Press

Interviews with IFUSS Fellows

Krystof Kozak: Collective Memory and the Relation of History to Contemporary Politics

Gyorgy Toth: Cultural Memory, "Counter-Commemorations," and Transatlantic Relations

Marek Wojtaszek: Challenge Technology! Challenge Yourself! Solitude and the Digital World

Okyeon Yi: Executive Power, Presidentialism, and the Unitary Executive

Sangjun Jeong: American Studies in the Pacific

Rama Alapati: Popular Culture Studies in the U.S. and India

Massimo Rubboli: Civil Religion and Civil Spirituality

Zuzana Buchowska: Indigenous Knowledge Recovery and Food Sovereignty

Pilar Martínez Benedí: Melville's Fluid Worldview: Movement, Affect, Sensation

Soraya Castro Mariño: The Long Process Toward Normalization: Cuba and the United States in the Trump Era

Giorgio Mariani: The Challenges of Waging Peace